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Into the Unknown: Stories of Reclamation, Rebirth, and Alchemy
Into the Unknown: Stories of Reclamation, Rebirth, and Alchemy takes a light-hearted and often times humorous approach to deeply challenging spiritual, emotional, physical, cultural and societal matters. This is a podcast for ordinary people taking on the extraordinary task of questioning the status quo and transforming their lives accordingly. Increasingly more people are 'waking up' to the fact that what we've been taught through our systems, be it education, religious, healthcare, et al is dogma that has vastly informed our consciousness and might not reflect our true personal values. In a society where we are constantly bombarded with purposely curated information resulting in 'group think,' it takes a tremendous amount of strength and courage to take a step (or many) back and re-assess everything we've been taught. It takes even further critical approach to question what else exists that we haven't been taught and why we haven't been taught it. Humans are capable of so much more than most of us realize and many of us walk through the world unconscious to our power.

So how do we hone our own intuition enough to realize our personal truth? From self-healing and alternative healing techniques to implementing approaches of quantum physics, to having mystical experiences, we will explore ways to activate our consciousness to have agency over our own lives and discover what truth resonates for us on a deep soul level. We will also be having discussions with professionals who were once part of the system, such as doctors, educators, scientists, government officials who had their own respective epiphanies and have either become mavericks in their chosen field or outspoken advocates against the system they once bought into.  We exist in a matrix of full of frequency, universal laws and possibility, it's time we explore it and take deep dive into the unknown.

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