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Delusions of Guinevere:

LA Weekly:
"Delusions of Guinevere is a surprisingly dark satire of modern celebrity."
- Serena Donadoni, LA WEEKLY 

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New York Times
"the darkly humorous 'Delusions of Guinevere' makes some sly and smart observations about what passes for celebrity status today."
- Daniel M. Gold, THE NEW YORK TIMES
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"Like Guinevere, the 29-year-old former child actor she portrays in “Delusions of Guinevere,” Ariana Bernstein is creating her own content to creatively express her ideas. But unlike the actor she plays, Bernstein isn't delusional. She’s created a funny, honest film exploring the idea of social media and feeding into delusions."
- Melinda Lowenstein, BACKSTAGE
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Village Voice:
"A dark comedy, the film delves into the oftentimes nefarious nature of social media, fame, and millennial entitlement. "
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"A film with heart."
- Pamela Powell,  THE REEL FOCUS
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Blog Talk Radio:
Joanna Bowzer
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Sandra Elizabeth Rodriguez
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Tom Grail
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Fort Tilden:

“A sociopathic Romy and Michele.”
- Andrew Barker, VARIETY
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Huffington Post:
“You Will have an OPINION about it”
-Christopher Rosen, THE HUFFINGTON POST
[

The Hollywood Reporter:
“Fort Tilden showcases a satirical voice so dyspeptic it’s almost endearing… but the writer-directors and their cast maintain a light touch that keep even their cruelest observations from curdling. One of Fort Tilden’s strengths is that Bliss and Rogers never deny their affection for their characters.”- David Rooney, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER
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The Playlist:

“At a point when the latest tale of twenty-something woe might understandably induce the same defeated sighs as the early crackle of yet another found-footage flick, co-writer/directors Bliss and Rogers thread the navel-gazing needle with remarkable wit, as if channeling Sofia Coppola’s [version of] After Hours.”- William Gross, THE PLAYLIST
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“While it’s hard to love these two gals, the skilled comedic actresses who play them – Bridey Elliott and Clare McNulty – are too good to ignore, and play a huge role in why the film caught on the way it did at SXSW”- Eric Kohn, INDIEWIRE
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New York Magazine:
- David Edelstein, NEW YORK MAGAZINE
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